(any size lot, your choice)

Stamps                            $1/1000 or .005% of Scott VF prices, your choice

Not USA                           $1.50/1000

Medium size                    $2.50/1000

Large                                $5.00/1000

Sheets                               $.15  (full post office sheets, miniature sheets, souvenir sheets;
                                                      also complete booklets, but not individual booklet panes.)

Covers                               $.05 (mailed with postage stamps,
                                                      or franked with handwritten or handstamp (but not printed) marking;
                                                       except USA definitive covers less than 50 years old.

Custom made wholesale lots are available; contact us.

Condition of all lots is normal for issue; damaged not counted.

Actual shipping costs will be added.  $2 minimum order.


We pay 67% of the above prices. If more than one of the above applies, we pay the highest.

Send to Box 771, Waukesha, WI 53187-0771. Contact us before sending more than $100.